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What We Do

Simplify Discovery

Removes the ambiguity in manual discovery through automation. The ATAvision Discovery Module provides a “view of the truth” by supplying hard data to produce standardized and custom reports.

Rapid Migration

Multi-threaded architecture takes advantage of bandwidth and allows for rapid data transfer speeds that take full advantage of any available data pipe.

Seamless OS Upgrades

Microsoft Windows OS options in-flight and remediate Linux derivatives during workload cloning process or in-place. No additional staging is required.

Data Security

Secure data discovery and transfer is accomplished using proprietary architectures. This, alongside our source to target methodology and lightweight, on-premise deployment of the technology suite means your customer’s data is secure and always in their control.

Any To Any

The transformation suite is an omni-platform technology that integrates with any major cloud, hypervisor or physical data center and any supported operating system. There is no such thing as “vendor lock-in” when you are offering our suite of products to your customers.

Holistic or Modular

From automated discovery to migration, you can see in this infographic how the ATADATA Transformation Suite can be used as individual modules or as an end-to-end enterprise transformation solution.

Feature Highlights

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The technology is deployed behind the client’s firewall and requires no software or agent installed on source or target servers, no 3rd-party pre-requisites, and no server reboots.


Multi-threaded architecture takes advantage of bandwidth; doesn’t rely on unreliable open source or other commercially available copy engines; no performance penalty on source servers.



Migrations to any major public or privately networked cloud is executed directly from the source environment to the auto-provisioned target. Your customer stays in control and data does not go through our console, or other appliance.



ATADATA has automated provisioning across all hypervisors and directly to private networks in all major clouds. Physical servers, bare metal, and all Windows Server and Linux and Unix versions are supported.


ATADATA creates a direct clone from source server to target server, with no image library, “helper” virtual machines, or intermediary stages alongside online database synchronization.


Purpose-built for the enterprise to produce native wave planning. Deliverables include: OS & application inventory, application affinities and dependency maps, and network & server configurations


All modules in the transformation suite are integrated, controlled and managed through a single console using a one-time, agentless, lightweight deployment.



Native synchronization of workloads prior to cutover. Database layer includes: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL. No limit to database size.



Upgrade Microsoft Windows, including all R1 and R2 versions of 2003, 2008, 2012 and remediate Linux derivatives as part of the migration process or in-place.

Enterprise Workload Portability Automation


Automated discovery, cloning and synchronization of data and application workloads with ZERO downtime, ZERO defect and ZERO business disruption.

We take the complexity out of discovery and workload migration, through automation, and allow for true workload portability between ANY major supported physical, virtual or cloud environments.

ATADATA Is An Omni-Platform Technology



The ATADATA Transformation Suite discovers, clones, migrates with an option for OS upgrading, and syncs your existing servers, including hypervisors, to the cloud or data center between the following platforms:

How We Compare

Deployment–agentless, lightweight, secure and fast, behind firewall
Single pane of glass, holistic end-to-end transformation solution
Agentless discovery and application mapping automation, including native wave plan integration
Single-stage–direct clone from source server to target server –agentless workload migration
No image library, helper VM’s or intermediary stages
Industry fastest copy engine with ability to move unlimited workload size / no database size restrictions
Any-to-any physical, virtual, cloud flexibility, including bare metal supported
Auto-provision across all hypervisors and directly to private networks in all major clouds
All Windows and Linux versions supported
Unix migration automation
Windows OS upgrades options, in-flight
Live and online database synchronization

“The ATA stands for Any-to-Any – and we mean it. We don’t shy away from challenges… In fact, we have never had an unsuccessful migration. You might even say what we do is Workload Alchemy.”

– Charles Wright, CEO/CTO, ATADATA


ATADATA is a company founded by seasoned technologists with a mission to simplify complexities in enterprise cloud and data center transformation through automation. ATADATA was born as a holistic transformation suite for any physical, virtual, or cloud platform.

With deep experience in enterprise transformation, the ATADATA team delivers a proven, purpose-built solution that allows IT professionals to solve common discovery and migration problems while delivering on the promise of truly seamless workload portability.


ATADATA Transformation Suite

Automated End-to-End Modular Solution for Enterprise IT & Cloud Transformation ATAvision | ATAmotion | ATAtransform | ATAmirror The ATADATA Transformation Suite is an omni-platform, self-contained IT & Cloud Transformation ecosystem for the enterprise. Created as a modular platform the suite can be used either as a seamless, end-to-end solution or modularly and integrated with your existing technology.

ATAvision Discovery Module

Accurate | Rapid | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmotion Migration Module

Single Stage | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAtransform OS Upgrade Module

One Step | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmirror Availability Module

Any Platform | Agentless | Database Aware

ATA = Any-to-Any

The root of our brand, “any-to-any” stands for the idea that we believe the existing constraints as defined by IT & cloud infrastructure can be eliminated with technology that enables true any-to-any portability of enterprise workloads between any physical, virtual and cloud platform.

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