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ATAvision Discovery Module

Automated discovery for the enterprise

Accurate | Rapid | Any Platform | Agentless

Remove the gaps in traditional discovery models and accelerate your customer’s transformation timeline and deliver cost savings.

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Discovery is time consuming and sensitive to human error.

  • Staff turnover can lead to knowledge gaps and lack of subject matter expertise leads to an inaccurate and incomplete discovery resulting in output that is useless in migration wave planning.
  • Engagements are often extended due to underestimating the timeframe it takes to create an accurate IT blueprint, server hardware and software inventory, and full enterprise view of application dependencies and affinities.
  • Highly manual process increases the risk for human error and omissions which can add to project expense and timeline.

The ATAvision Discovery Module gives your customers line of sight across their entire current state enterprise IT infrastructure regardless of platform by removing manual discovery through automation.

Automated discovery increases accuracy, lowers project costs and accelerates the timeline, moving your customer toward their transformation goals more quickly and effectively.

ATADATA’s proprietary and proven technology, ATAvision, uses an agentless architecture that is deployed either on-premise or as a Saas application to automate the management and monitoring of the discovery process. Regardless of the platform – physical, virtual or cloud – the ATAvision module delivers a complete blueprint of your customer’s current state infrastructure, including application dependency mapping and affinity details for IT transformation projects such as cloud migration, data center consolidation, and disaster recovery planning. No other technology automates discovery across physical, virtual and cloud environments for the enterprise.

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No other technology automates discovery across physical, virtual and cloud environments for the enterprise.

ATAvision Discovery Module Details



Automating discovery drastically reduces the element of human error and omission. The ATAvision module conducts a non-intrusive scan of the enterprise environment regardless of platform – no packet sniffing, port scanning, or invasive traffic interrogation – and delivers ready-to-use reports for your transformation planning.


The ATAvision module delivers IT blueprints that detail all server affinities and maps application dependencies for complete visibility (across any platform) and illustrates how application communication cascades within the enterprise. No matter the IT transformation project, you will have the hard data to inform your decisions.



With SaaS or on-premise deployment options, the flexible model allows you to deploy the ATAvision module inside and outside of client firewalls in both fully managed and self-service models depending on your customer’s needs.


Having spent decades on data center floors specializing in IT and Cloud Transformation for the enterprise, the ATADATA team of engineers and architects are equipped to handle your customers’ complex and sophisticated transformation projects. Our technology enables the transformation but it’s the expertise of the ATADATA team that helps you deliver the transformation.


ATADATA Transformation Suite

Automated End-to-End Modular Solution for Enterprise IT & Cloud Transformation ATAvision | ATAmotion | ATAtransform | ATAmirror The ATADATA Transformation Suite is an omni-platform, self-contained IT & Cloud Transformation ecosystem for the enterprise. Created as a modular platform the suite can be used either as a seamless, end-to-end solution or modularly and integrated with your existing technology.

ATAvision Discovery Module

Accurate | Rapid | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmotion Migration Module

Single Stage | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAtransform OS Upgrade Module

One Step | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmirror Availability Module

Any Platform | Agentless | Database Aware

ATA = Any-to-Any

The root of our brand, “any-to-any” stands for the idea that we believe the existing constraints as defined by IT & cloud infrastructure can be eliminated with technology that enables true any-to-any portability of enterprise workloads between any physical, virtual and cloud platform.

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Nothing Beats A “Live” Demo of ATAvision In Action.


A walk-through of the demo with members from our technical team is the best way to continue the conversation around how ATAvision can enable the delivery of your IT transformation service offerings. You’ll get your questions answered throughout the demo, learn about the other modules in the ATADATA Transformation Suite, and find out more about pricing.


Nothing Beats A “Live” Demo of The ATADATA Transformation Suite In Action

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