A Dozen Takeaways from VMworld 2015

Live vMotion migration over NSX. We saw Yanbing Li, Vice President and General Manager, Storage and Availability, demo a live vMotion migration from private server virtualization to a public vCloud Air deployment. This drew big applause from the crowd, as something that has apparently never been publicly demonstrated before. From our perspective, ATADATA does this all day, plus across competitive platforms (ahem).

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ATAvision Discovery Module Released By ATADATA

ATAvision Discovery Module Automated discovery for the enterprise Remove the gaps in traditional discovery models and accelerate your customer’s transformation timeline and deliver cost savings. ATAvision integrates the latest application mapping visualizations along...

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We are a specialized software company with expertise in accelerating IT & Cloud Transformations for the enterprise. We accomplish this through innovations in automated workload portability technology across any platform - physical, virtual and cloud platform.

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