Google Cloud Promotion

ATADATA and Google offer Free ATAmotion™ Licensing for Migration into Google Compute Engine


How Does it Work?

  1. Complete the form to the right for your complimentary consultation to get started.
  2. ATADATA will verify eligibility with the Google team
  3. After approval, ATADATA will grant access to promotional ATAmotion licenses.
  4. Consult with ATADATA architects to ensure successful migration to Google Compute Engine
  5. Keep migrating: you are eligible to purchase additional ATAmotion licenses at special promotional pricing

Accelerate Google Compute Engine Adoption


The joint promotion provides qualified customers with ATAmotion licensing to accelerate the on-boarding of customer workloads into Google Compute Engine. Google Compute Engine specifically delivers virtual machines running in Google's innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network. 


Onboard Customers with Ease Using ATAmotion

  • Onboard to Google Compute Engine using ATAmotion’s evolved agentless “Any to Any” architecture.
  • Scales for Enterprise with unlimited datasets and concurrent vm migration.
  • Support for more OS variants than any other migration solutions API integration bridges to all Google Compute Engine regions.
  • Migrate from any physical, virtual, or cloud source, while auto-provisioning directly into Google Compute Engine.
  • Middleware solution: no agents, no appliances, no business disruption, no excuses.



Promotion Features

  • Jointly brought to you by Google Cloud Platform and ATADATA
  • Promotion for enterprise clients & service providers
  • Customized migration enablement

Why Participate?

  • Shorten implementation periods
  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption
  • Migrate from any infrastructure source
  • Provide workload portability using automation


  • Must have minimum 50 servers to migrate to Google Cloud Engine within 90 days of approval