IBM Systems Technical University 2015

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Charles Wright, CEO and CTO, ATADATA presented the workshop, “Automated Live AIX Workload and LPAR Migrations Between Data Centers” as a guest of ARROW ECS, on October 6, 2015.

The IBM ® Systems Technical University is a best-in-class event featuring IBM z Systems™, IBM Power Systems™, IBM Storage. This 4.5 day conference is designed for technical and professional development in IBM Systems and solutions – allowing clients to take a deeper dive into smarter computing implementation, product announcements, industry trends and key topics across the IBM Systems portfolio.

ATADATA is an IBM Power Systems Software Business Partner and has received technical validation for itsATAmotion module that delivers automated live AIX workload migrations across data centers. ATAmotion is currently the only automation technology on the market that offers automated workload migrations between AIX frames and data centers without shared storage or other software pre-requisites.

ATAmotion Capabilities for AIX include:

  • AIX Migration supported across WAN to different frames
  • LPAR migrations to another frame/data center
  • LPAR resizing during migration
  • Physical to virtual LPAR live conversions
  • WPAR micro-partition migration support
  • Integration for clone & sync for multiple storage architectures

Walk Through A Demo of ATAmotion™ In Action.

A personalized walk-through of the demo with members from our technical team is the best way to continue the conversation around how ATAmotion can enable the delivery of your customer’s AIX Migration. You’ll get your questions answered throughout the demo, learn about the other modules in the ATADATA Transformation Suite, and find out more about pricing.

Charles Wright

Charles Wright


Charles Wright, is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at ATADATA since its incorporation in 2012. With more than 10 years in technical leadership roles at IBM and BluePoint Data, Charles brings his expertise in IT transformation technology where he has been developing and enhancing automation innovations, and redefining IT and Cloud transformation. Charles has spent many years on customers’ data center floors architecting complex migrations and managing worldwide teams for leading Fortune 500 companies in industries including: pharmaceutical, utility, aerospace and biotech, and for state and federal government. Drawing upon his vast experience, he has developed intimate knowledge of the current state of discovery and migration technologies and recognized a dramatic shortfall for enterprise applications, which ultimately lead to the development of ATADATA’s core products, ATAvision and ATAmotion, automation technologies purpose-built for the enterprise. Prior to founding ATADATA, Charles was an Infrastructure Architect at IBM’s Migration Factory, where he designed complex IT infrastructure solutions including integrations of multiple server platforms, affinity mapping of software middleware, and managed storage migration services.


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