WEBINAR: Accelerate Onboarding to AWS with Data-Driven IT Discovery Automation


To minimize application performance issues during and post migration to Amazon Web Services, you need to discover and blueprint all of your existing IT infrastructure. However, the traditionally manual process for IT infrastructure discovery is not only costly and time consuming, but also complex and prone to human errors. For enterprise customers, their expansive, hybrid environments and legacy systems can prove to be a significant barrier to cloud migration. In this webinar, hear how Delaware North, a global, multi-billion dollar hospitality corporation, with a data center of over 200 servers, running Windows and Linux, used ATADATA’s ATAvision™ Discovery Module to automate their IT infrastructure discovery for a smooth migration to Amazon VPC and Amazon EC2.

Learn how Delaware North used ATAvision™ to:

  • Extract hard data and produce accurate wave plans for rapid onboarding
  • Reduce human error in data collection
  • Streamline discovery management to free up IT resources
  • Discover out-of-scope servers to ensure applications did not break during migration
  • Produce custom reports – application affinity maps, server dependency maps, etc.
  • Reduce costs and shorten timelines by more than 50%

Watch the WEBINAR: Accelerating Onboarding to AWS with Data-Driven IT Discovery Automation w/Q&A

Also available here: On Demand AWS Partner Webinars 

Ian Easton

Ian Easton


Ian Easton is an enterprise IT sales executive and the Chief Commercial Officer at ATADATA. Easton’s primary role includes accountability for managing all sales channels, marketing, and business development which, encompasses branding and commercial strategies for products and partnerships. Easton comes to ATADATA with more than 15 years of technology experience including having held leadership positions, co-founding roles and board positions at companies such as,  Relus Technologies, Canvas Systems, Optimus Solutions and Corus360.

Charles Wright

Charles Wright


Charles Wright, is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at ATADATA since its incorporation in 2012. With more than 10 years in technical leadership roles at IBM and BluePoint Data, Charles brings his expertise in IT transformation technology where he has been developing and enhancing automation innovations, and redefining IT and Cloud transformation. Charles has spent many years on customers’ data center floors architecting complex migrations and managing worldwide teams for leading Fortune 500 companies in industries including: pharmaceutical, utility, aerospace and biotech, and for state and federal government. Drawing upon his vast experience, he has developed intimate knowledge of the current state of discovery and migration technologies and recognized a dramatic shortfall for enterprise applications, which ultimately lead to the development of ATADATA’s core products, ATAvision and ATAmotion, automation technologies purpose-built for the enterprise. Prior to founding ATADATA, Charles was an Infrastructure Architect at IBM’s Migration Factory, where he designed complex IT infrastructure solutions including integrations of multiple server platforms, affinity mapping of software middleware, and managed storage migration services.

Scott Ward

Scott Ward

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Scott Ward is a solutions architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Based out of Seattle, WA, Scott is part of a team that supports AWS’s global network of technology and consulting partners. For AWS partners Scott’s focus is on existing AWS architecture validation and improvements, planning new architectures for workloads on AWS, providing guidance on how to use new AWS services, and providing general technical enablement.  Scott has a deep background in supporting, enhancing, and building global financial solutions to meet the needs of large companies, including many, many years supporting the global financial systems for


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