ATADATA’s rapid, single stage migration of live workloads is accomplished through the ATAmotion Migration Module. This module not only automates the migration of workloads over the wire but also auto-provisions, multi-tiered live workloads directly into the Google Compute Engine environment.

The agentless ATAmotion migration module is managed through the ATADATA console which installs entirely behind client firewalls, or via a hosted/SaaS deployment, depending on client requirements.

ATAmotion Capabilities for Google Compute Engine:

ComputeEngine_16  Auto‐migrate and Auto‐provision live workloads directly to Google Compute Engine Subnetworks from any source: Physical, Virtual, or Cloud.

ComputeEngine_16  Clone, Migrate and Synchronize dozens of live VM’s at simultaneous scale

ComputeEngine_16  Migration platform for all supported Linux distributions and Windows Server Operating Systems

ComputeEngine_16 Granular configuration control over network and machine specifications

ATAmotion Features for Google Compute Engine:

ComputeEngine_16  No Appliances, image library, storage buckets, Agents, or SW pre‐reqs

ComputeEngine_16   Multi‐threaded engine captures and clones the entire workload – the operating system, application stack, configuration, and associated database are all captured, cloned and synched.

ComputeEngine_16  Live workload migration of multiple servers while the source is online – zero business disruption

ComputeEngine_16  Single stage, source machine to target instance migration

ComputeEngine_16  Data path is direct, fast, and secure

ComputeEngine_16  Synchronization options at the file and block layer

ComputeEngine_16  Optional automated Windows Server OS upgrades, including Win2K3-2K8

ComputeEngine_16  Adjustable bandwidth consumption (avoid pipe saturation)

ComputeEngine_16  Industry fastest clone engine to Google Compute Engine

ComputeEngine_16  Live auto‐migration of any supported operating system, application stack, and configuration, with file and block layer synchronization

ComputeEngine_16  SaaS or on‐premise deployment options, the platform can be deployed inside and outside of client firewalls in both fully managed and self‐service models depending on client needs

These support features ensure that enterprise customers have granular control with the ability to maintain established security and compliance policies.

View a demo of ATAmotion’s automated migration for Google Compute Engine:


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ATADATA Transformation Suite

Automated End-to-End Modular Solution for Enterprise IT & Cloud Transformation ATAvision | ATAmotion | ATAtransform | ATAmirror The ATADATA Transformation Suite is an omni-platform, self-contained IT & Cloud Transformation ecosystem for the enterprise. Created as a modular platform the suite can be used either as a seamless, end-to-end solution or modularly and integrated with your existing technology.

ATAvision Discovery Module

Accurate | Rapid | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmotion Migration Module

Single Stage | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAtransform OS Upgrade Module

One Step | Auto-provision | Any Platform | Agentless

ATAmirror Availability Module

Any Platform | Agentless | Database Aware

ATA = Any-to-Any

The root of our brand, “any-to-any” stands for the idea that we believe the existing constraints as defined by IT & cloud infrastructure can be eliminated with technology that enables true any-to-any portability of enterprise workloads between any physical, virtual and cloud platform.

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Nothing Beats A “Live” Demo of The ATADATA Transformation Suite In Action

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