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The Deloitte ATAvision Discovery Module gives your customers line-of-sight across their entire current state enterprise IT infrastructure, regardless of platform, by removing manual discovery through automation.


No other technology automates discovery across physical, virtual and cloud environments for the enterprise.

Our proprietary and proven technology, Deloitte ATAvision, uses an agentless architecture that automates the system level data collection with the facility to generate reports anytime during the discovery process. Regardless of the platform - physical, virtual or cloud - the Deloitte ATAvision module delivers a complete blueprint of your customer's current state infrastructure, including application dependency mapping and affinity details for IT transformation projects - such as cloud migration, data center consolidation, and disaster recovery planning.


The Automated discovery increases accuracy, lowers project costs and accelerates your timeline, moving your customers towards their transformation goals quickly and effectively.

discovery time is consuming & sensitive to human error

  • Staff turnover can lead to knowledge gaps and lack of subject matter expertise leads to an inaccurate and incomplete discovery resulting in output that is useless in migration wave planning.
  • Engagements are often extended due to underestimating the timeframe it takes to create an accurate IT blueprint, server hardware and software inventory, and full enterprise view of application dependencies and affinities.
  • Highly manual process increases the risk for human error and omissions which can add to project expense and timeline.

Our reports provide invaluable data:

  • Detailed inventory which includes:
    • Disk details
    • Network details
    • Installed applications
  • Affinity reports with child and parents application details
  • Trend-based reporting of utilization data
  • Inventory of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Affinity of Microsoft SQL Server at the database level



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