Complete Automated Discovery and Migrations to AWS EC2 or VPC From Any Platform.

Our rapid, source to target auto-migration of live enterprise workloads to AWS EC2 or VPC from Any Platform is implemented utilizing a flexible, agentless architecture that requires no hardware appliance installations, no additional software pre-requisites and no image library.

Auto-provisioning enterprise, multi-tiered live workloads directly into AWS EC2 or VPC is executed using either a SaaS or on-premises model, Deloitte ATAmotion enables large enterprise applications and thousands of simultaneous migrations.  Secure, point-to-point, live migrations with auto-provisioning reduces risk and eliminates costly downtime. This agentless and light weight installation allows your customer to manage the Deloitte ATAmotion migration inside or outside of client firewalls in both fully managed and self-service models depending on requirements.


Deloitte ATAmotion Capabilities for AWS EC2 & VPC:

  • Support for all regions including AWS GovCloud
  • AWS IAM which governs secure control of users and access to AWS resources
  • AWS STS which grants users with temporary, limited access to AWS resources.
  • Automatically provision a server instance within the AWS EC2
  • Apply tools, drivers, and VPC networking configuration during the migration process.
  • Create new, or select from existing AWS features:
    • Key Pairs, Subnets, IAM, VPC, Security Groups
  • Support for enterprise application migration including SAP and SAP HANA

Deloitte ATAvision Capabilities for AWS EC2 & VPC

  • Visibility across all on-premises physical & virtual infrastructures & alternative clouds
  • Complete AWS environment visibility
  • Right size recommendations for AWS instance provisioning
  • Projected AWS costs for current state & recommended infrastructure
  • Compare costs against other vendors