AWS Migration Hub

Deloitte atadata Provides an Enterprise-Scale Option for Moving Complex, Highly
Transactional Workloads to AWS With Ease

You can track server migrations from Deloitte ATAmotion alongside database migration from AWS Database Migration Service all in one central location in the Migration Hub.  

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track migration across multiple AWS and partner solutions. Deloitte ATAmotion helps you migrate physical servers and VMS to AWS simply and securely. Visit AWS Migration Hub console to find out more about this integration. 


AWS IAM Roles Information

This document outlines the minimum AWS IAM access that is needed when migrating to an AWS EC2 instance using our software. To provision server instances to AWS, the Deloitte ATAmotion software needs access to certain EC2 and Identity and Access Management (IAM) API calls so that Deloitte ATAmotion is able to provision and configure target instance in AWS.



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