Are you selling Azure in CSP?

ATADATA develops solutions that enable you to migrate any physical, virtual or Cloud based workload on to Azure in CSP, with our solutions you can quickly assess the clients existing environment, create a migration plan and execute the migration, all without business disruption.

Migrate your clients to Azure faster so you can start realizing the recurring revenue immediately.


 Discovery Module - click logo to learn more

Discovery Module - click logo to learn more

 Migration Module - click logo to learn more

Migration Module - click logo to learn more

Introductory Incentives

Free ATAvision licenses with any purchase of 500+ ATAmotion licenses*

For qualified opportunities identified at Microsoft Inspire 2017 we are offering 50% discount on ATAmotion**


Features include:

Server & application inventory

Application affinity mapping

Server utilization     

Right sizing recommendations

Cloud cost comparison

Wave group modelling

Auto-provisioning of Azure infrastructure

Secure automated migration of entire workloads


With particular focus on enterprise, ATADATA can handle data sets of any size, complex multi-tier applications, like SAP, Oracle and SQL Server, and multiple simultaneous wave groups, that could include hundreds of servers.

Our integrated solutions allow you to take a customer from their current state IT to their future state Azure infrastructure, without business disruption and most importantly without breaking application stacks on the way.

Products are licensed per OS instance, for each physical server or virtual machine you need a license for discovery and migration.

For more information contact

Ian Masters
SVP, Global Channels
+44 773 618 0436


Incentive details
* Offer valid for 6 months July 1st to December 31st 2017
** Minimum order 250 licenses


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