ATAvision Discovery Module Released By ATADATA

ATAvision Discovery Module

Automated discovery for the enterprise

Remove the gaps in traditional discovery models and accelerate your customer’s transformation timeline and deliver cost savings.

ATAvision integrates the latest application mapping visualizations along with the ability to uniquely discover and blueprint IT infrastructures for migration wave planning. Discovery is automated across any source environment whether it’s physical, virtual or cloud-based without installing agents in the source environment.

ATAvision gives enterprise users a clear picture of current state workload inventories and visibility into the host and application layer to enable migration planning with no application downtime or performance overhead. The new release also enables the option to build migration wave plans in the ATAvision module and then import them directly into the ATAmotion module for immediate migration.

ATAvision gives enterprises the following key capabilities:

- Automated discovery across the entire enterprise, including all physical, virtual, and cloud environments for a complete blueprint of current state infrastructure

- Collect performance data for IT transformation projects including data center consolidation, cloud migrations, and disaster recovery planning

- Agentless discovery platform collects and maps all server affinities and dependencies for complete visibility into how application communication cascades within the enterprise