Do you need to start the cloud conversation? Here’s how!

If you’re not already thinking about cloud and how you can help your clients with their cloud strategy it begs the question “why?”

Don’t bury your head in the sand and don’t think that you are too late to the game. Your valued clients will be looking to you for advice, and you still have time to help them. Keep in mind that while the “big three” showsome amazing adoption numbers, there is still a huge opportunity for on-premises infrastructure and further movement to the cloud where appropriate. That last word, “appropriate” is interesting, because workloads and data need to be evaluated and some just may not be suitable.

So the next time you are talking to your clients, try to understand where they are with cloud adoption and what they are planning for the future. If you’re not sure how to start the conversation, perhaps the following will give you some talking points.

  1. What systems do you already have running in the cloud?
  2. Why did you choose those particular applications?
  3. Are you considering moving more servers/applications to the cloud?

This will help you understand whether there is a further opportunity and perhaps what some of the drivers to cloud adoption have been.  Assuming there is a greater desire to move to the cloud then the following discussion points will be crucial.

  1. What is your client trying to achieve by moving to the cloud?  Reduced cost, improved security, increased performance or scalability?
  2. Do they actually have a good grasp on what is running in the current IT infrastructure?  Only when they understand that can they decide what is in and out of scope for a potential migration to the cloud.
  3. Which systems need to be retired, re-hosted, re-platformed or remediated?
  4. Do they know how applications interact with each other? Without this knowledge, there is no way to ensure that applications aren’t broken during the move which can cause considerable disruption to the business.
  5. Have they considered the current utilization levels and how they could potentially right-size servers to reduce cost or improve performance?
  6. Do they know which cloud is best for them? Have they considered the costs across multiple cloud platforms?
  7. How are they actually going to get there?  How will they migrate the servers; how long will it take; what are the risks?
  8. Have they considered their exit strategy? Even if there is no intention to leave the cloud, they may want to be able to change providers; and avoiding vendor lock-in is crucial to that.

Keep in mind that Arrow in partnership with ATADATA can help you answer all of these questions and get your clients moving, so they can start realizing the benefits of cloud. You, once again, become their trusted advisor with the ability to drive new service revenue and monthly recurring cloud revenue.

About Ian Masters
Mr. Masters brings a wealth of experience to the ATADATA team having spent more than 20+ years in the software replication market with indepth of knowledge in HA, DR and migration. Previously, at Vision Solutions, he was responsible for all pay-as-you-go licensing worldwide for DRaaS and worked closely with SIs and cloud providers for migration, as well as managing global Alliances with the likes of MSFT.