ATADATA Achieves AWS Migration Competency in Two Areas with ATAmotion and ATAvision Automated On-boarding Solutions

ATADATA Achieves AWS Migration Competency in Two Areas with ATAmotion and ATAvision Automated On-boarding Solutions ATLANTA – June 8, 2016  – ATADATA™, a leading software developer of automated compute migration solutions, today announced it has achieved the AWS Partner Network (APN) Migration Competency tied to two proven technology solutions; with ATAmotion™ for migration, and ATAvision™ for discovery. This indicates that ATADATA has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in multiple solution areas, helping businesses move successfully to Amazon Web Services (AWS), through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, and migration.

“Our team hails from a unique background in enterprise transformation, and we look through this lens when solving for customer challenges in the migration automation space,” says Charles Wright, ATADATA CEO. “It is absolutely gratifying to have AWS recognize our dedication to enterprise scale transformation through the achievement of the AWS Migration Competency.”

The ATADATA™ agentless automation solution allows for single-pane-of-glass onboarding through blueprinting existing IT infrastructure, planning enablement, and providing cost projections for AWS migration, with the ATAvision™ Discovery Module. These outputs offer tight integration points with ATAmotion™ for seamless live machine portability to AWS.

The benefits of ATAmotion Migration Module™ include:

  • SIMPLIFIED MIGRATIONS to AWS, from any physical, virtual or cloud source.
  • SECURE, FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS: Our agentless middleware solution deploys anywhere, without software pre-requisites or impacting live source workloads.
  • SINGLE STAGE MIGRATION: Data flows point-to-point from the source machine to a target instance at benchmark data transfer speeds and auto provisions compute all networking requirements directly to any Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The benefits of ATAvision Discovery Module™ include:

  • SINGLE CONSOLE for discovery and migration capabilities listed above.APN-Migration-Competency-badges_ADV-Tech-Partner-Small
  • APPLICATION MAPPING for dependencies and server affinities across any source.
  • CLOUD CAST™ calculates future application infrastructure cost on the cloud.
  • MIGRATION PLANNING integrated and enabled through predictive analytics.
  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT reduces costs and shortens timelines by installing in minutes.

“Enterprise clients, and their service providers adopting cloud, have expectations around versatility, security, ease of use, and scalability from their core IT operational experience,” says Ian Easton, ATADATA™ CCO. “A behind the firewall, end-to-end migration solution, that requires no agent installation or appliances, yet yields rapid application mapping, planning enablement, and also supports point-to-point transfer of large workloads over the wire, is immensely appealing to these teams.”

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