ATADATA Supports vCloud Air Network Partners Offering vCloud Air Managed Services

ATADATA™ LLC, developer of workload portability automation for the enterprise, is helping VMware vCloud Air™ Network service providers ease their customers into the cloud. ATADATA™ will provide discounted migrations into VMware vCloud Air, and also offer migration project assistance to VMware vCloud Air Network service provider partners participating in the VMware vCloud Air Managed Services Provider model.

The VMware vCloud Air Managed Services Provider promotion leverages ATADATA’s agentless, flexible SaaS or on-premise deployment model to accelerate onboarding customer workloads into vCloud Air, managed by a VMware vCloud Air Network service provider partner. ATADATA’s proprietary ATAmotion Migration Module delivers speed, flexibility and security to enterprise class workload migrations.

Whether a service provider’s customers need to burst for additional compute during peak network usage periods, re-platform infrastructure or leverage vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, ATAmotion’s native “any to any” source-to-target combinations of physical, virtual or cloud environments, can support the most OS types in the industry, and without data-set size restrictions. ATADATA makes it easy for businesses to move workloads between on-premise datacenters and vCloud Air.

"We’re excited to see this promotion in the market. ATADATA can simplify cloud migration through automation,” said Jim Aluotto, director, vCloud Air Network Service Provider Business, Americas Region. “This promotion will enable our vCloud Air Managed Services provider partners to grow their businesses with minimal overhead by using vCloud Air while delivering true value to their customers through managed services.”

"As the global leader in virtualization, VMware has built a substantial service provider channel supporting the expanding IaaS cloud category,” said Ian Easton, chief commercial officer, ATADATA. “Our team of transformation specialists looks forward to assisting vCloud Air Network service providers as they onboard customers to the cloud without the pain associated with manual migration, or having to stretch the limits of automation intended for the SMB space.”

The announcement of ATADATA’s VMware vCloud Air Managed Services Provider promotion comes on the heels of VMware’s recent inclusion of ATAmotion on the vCloud Air Solutions Exchange Marketplace, along with ATADATA’s complementary ATAvision™ automated IT infrastructure discovery module.

The ATAvision module is deployed on the front-end of IT transformation projects, and delivers data-driven infrastructure blueprints, performance data and application affinity maps for any IT environment. ATADATA modules are combined in a single console providing a “single pane of glass” for management of the entire discovery, planning and migration process. Having one web interface to manage both modules, grants granular insight and control to a managed service partner throughout an engagement, while the ATADATA service delivery team provides expertise and support, as required.


ATADATA, LLC. is a company founded by seasoned technologists with a mission to simplify complexities in enterprise IT and cloud transformation through workload portability automation. ATADATA develops enterprise-class automation technology for IT discovery, wave building, live workload migrations, database availability, and OS upgrades. ATADATA dramatically reduces costs, complexities and timelines associated with traditional transformation processes, enabling partners to quickly, and cost-effectively deliver the benefits of their IT and cloud managed service offerings to enterprise customers.

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