ATADATA Upgrades Discovery & Migration Platforms for Cloud & Data Center

ATLANTA, January 29, 2015 - ATADATA, the technology leader in automated workload portability, announces a major upgrade to its IT transformation automation platform with the release of ATAvision 3.0 and ATAmotion 4.0. The new release features agentless, single-stage live workload migration and auto-provisioning across any datacenter, hypervisor, or cloud. The release enhances enterprise workload portability through deeper integration with Amazon AWS, SoftLayer and other cloud providers. “We are thrilled to advance our reputation as an innovator in discovery and migration automation with the release of ATAvision 3.0 and ATAmotion 4.0”, said Charles Wright, Chief Technology Officer for ATADATA. “This release differentiates our model as the only holistic enterprise level workload portability suite. We are able to migrate faster than anyone in the industry with the advantage of our ‘any-to-any’ agentless architecture, direct-to-target data flow, and proprietary scripting intelligence. Our flexible deployment model allows enterprise users to deploy the platform inside and outside of client firewalls in both fully managed and self-service models depending on client needs.”

atadata_atavision_screenshot1ATAvision 3.0, ATADATA’s agentless infrastructure discovery engine, integrates the latest application mapping visualizations along with the ability to uniquely discover and blueprint IT infrastructures for migration wave planning. Discovery is automated across any source environment whether it’s physical, virtual or cloud-based without installing agents in the source environment. ATAvision 3.0 gives enterprise users a clear picture of current state workload inventories and visibility into the host and application layer to enable migration planning with no application downtime or performance overhead. The new release also enables the option to build migration wave plans in the ATAvision console and then import them directly into the ATAmotion console, for immediate migration.

ATAmotion 4.0’s new web interface and improved portability integration has increased ATADATA’s migration technology lead through the ability to migrate and auto-provision multiple enterprise, multi-tiered live workloads directly to any physical machine, cloud or hypervisor. This capability includes migrating any given operating system, application stack, configuration, and associated database. The engine automatically auto-provisions to any target through RESTAPI, and applies the necessary tools and drivers during the migration process. The engine also auto-synchronizes at the file and database layer for a perfect clone in the target state.

"The enterprise market requires non-intrusive, secure, synchronized and rapid migrations into regulated, privately networked environments, as enabled through auto-provisioning.” said Ian Easton, Chief Commercial Officer for ATADATA. “Given those demands, ATADATA stands alone with our ability to discover application dependences and then migrate related workloads with any OS, to any physical, virtual, or cloud target and back again, without installing agents. That’s essential, since conditions today dictate that if you can’t securely auto-provision and migrate rapidly and at scale, you can’t compete."

In summary, enhancement advantages for the ATADATA technology platform include: • Integrated agentless discovery with enhanced reporting • SaaS or on-premise deployment options • Agentless migration engine for seamless non-intrusive deployment • Single stage “direct to target” data flows. (No intermediate steps/stages) • Data transfer rates at 80-90 percent of available pipe speed • Support for live migrations on all Windows Server versions 2003-2012 • Support for live migrations on all Linux versions and derivatives • Integration for live auto-provisioned Unix migrations: Solaris and AIX • Windows upgrades in flight, including EOL 2003 / Linux Derivative remediation • Synchronization at the file and database layer for live online migrations • Unlimited database size restrictions for cloning, migration and synchronization • Auto-provisioned live migrations to any Hypervisor or Cloud API • Further integration with Amazon AWS Virtual Private Cloud




ATADATA ( is a company founded by seasoned technologists with a mission to simplify complexities in enterprise cloud and data center transformation through workload portability automation. ATADATA was born as a holistic transformation suite for any physical, virtual, or cloud platform. With deep experience in enterprise transformation, the ATADATA platform allows IT professionals to solve common migration problems while delivering on the promise of truly seamless workload portability. The ATADATA technology, process, and team are the most comprehensive and functional discovery, clone, and migration solutions available. For additional information, contact Susan Gilchrist at 912.398.8596.

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