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On January 12, 2018, Deloitte Consulting LLP acquired ATADATA’s business, and ATADATA’s personnel transitioned to Deloitte Consulting LLP as part of the transaction. Read the press announcement.


An IaaS cloud provider was challenged by a large privately held global corporation to move enterprise workloads out of their current data center to a VMware based IaaS cloud platform within 6 months.  Out of the approximately 150 servers, 95 made up their SAP production environment, and would need to be moved in one week.  With SAP being a crucial business application, affecting top and bottom line revenues, the servers needed to be moved with absolute minimal disruption.

Business goals

The aim of the project was to lower the total cost of ownership for the client’s infrastructure, benefit from increased agility in the cloud, and realize performance and service level benefits for critical applications.

Infrastructure migrated

Operating systems:

  • WS2003 R2, WS2008 R2, WS2012 R2, RHEL 5 and RHEL 6

SAP Applications:

  • Adobe Document Services (ADS)
  • Business Objects (BOBJ)
  • EHS Management and WWI
  • Enterprise Portal
  • ERP Central Component (ECC)
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
  • Gateway
  • Global Trade Services (GTS)
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Information Design Tool (IDT)
  • Information Steward
  • Landscape Transformation Replication (LT)
  • Management Console
  • Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)
  • Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Paymetric
  • Process Integration (PI)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Transportation Management (TM)
  • Triple Point Commodity SL
  • Triple Point Technology


After laying the foundation for migrations (setting up the console, discovering the source environment specifics, defining move groups and wave sizes, and identifying target builds the migration team went to work.  The engineers synchronized and migrated between 5 and 30 servers per week with ease. 

With those successful migrations, the customer presented them with a larger scale migration challenge to conclude the project; move their entire SAP production environment (95 servers) in one week without taking the production environment offline for any extended period.

Multiple challenges would be presented:

  • Migrating production servers without affecting performance
  • No extended downtime during the migration
  • Handling a large amount of data (over 45TB total) without over saturating the network
  • Source workloads were a mix of physical and virtual workloads
  • Keeping source data synchronized until cutover 


Migration projects are typically delivered utilizing a highly manual process, and minimal automation, increasing the risk of errors and lengthy engagements. Deloitte ATAmotion simplifies migrations through automation and orchestration, target environments are auto provisioned, data transfer is direct from source to target and business disruption minimized.

Deloitte ATAmotion drastically reduces the manual effort required for migration utilizing its agentless automation technology. Regardless of platform mix – physical, virtual or cloud - it automates the simultaneous transfer of hundreds of live enterprise workloads entirely online and without any size limitations.

The agentless solution is managed through a web based portal either on-premises behind the firewall, or via SaaS, and is accessed through a simple, intuitive GUI.  Direct integration with hypervisors and clouds enables auto provisioning of greenfield or brownfield environments, and the multi-threaded transfer engine delivers efficient and secure replication direct from source to target.

  • Single console to manage Windows and Linux migrations
  • No software pre-requisites or reboots eliminates business disruption
  • Integration enables auto provisioning and reduces manual effort
  • Direct data transfer increases efficiency and improves security


Through utilizing Deloitte ATAmotion to migrate SAP workloads to the cloud at scale, securely, and without business disruption, the client is able to take advantage of the benefits of the IaaS cloud provider immediately. The security, compliance, performance, efficiency and consumption-based billing for complex production applications has enabled them to enhance IT operations, reduce risk and offload IT management, thereby redirecting IT resources to focus on other strategic projects and business process improvements.

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