Education Publisher

On January 12, 2018, Deloitte Consulting LLP acquired ATADATA’s business, and ATADATA’s personnel transitioned to Deloitte Consulting LLP as part of the transaction. Read the press announcement.


An educational publisher is the latest evolution of an international publishing company’s education business, providing a digital platform and portal servicing higher education. The platform delivers content through an interface for both students and professors around lectures, e-books, videos, animations, testing, and other curriculum driven tutorials through a breakthrough user interface.

Acting on a directive to migrate core business applications to AWS, the education publisher identified Deloitte ATADATA as the best viable company to execute solutions around AWS architecture, and on-premise enterprise scale migrations to AWS VPC.



After making a decision to migrate their core multi-tiered business applications to AWS, the client team, needed to migrate a 100+ VM environment from a single on-prem data center to a client controlled VPC.

The nature of the client’s business is driven by an educational cycle, so the timeframe to migrate a complex business environment is compressed into a window of only a few months, and must be live by the start of the academic year. In addition to migrating the source environment, the PS team required requisite time to re-architect and optimize on AWS services, ahead of the requested timeline.

Furthermore, the core client applications were distributed over hundreds of VM’s using multiple Windows and Linux operating systems. Lastly, there were multiple database technologies, large multi-TB datasets, dozens of web tiers, and also third party middleware applications to migrate which had downstream repercussions for any business outage.



Through an existing partnership with an AWS consulting partner, Deloitte ATADATA was introduced and leveraged as the automation platform for discovery, application mapping, wave planning enablement, and workload migration phases. Deloitte ATAvision and Deloitte ATAmotion were then both installed, behind the client firewall on the Deloitte ATADATA console, under a single pane of glass.

The Deloitte ATAvision Discovery Module was deployed for a 30 day collection of the scoped, on-prem environment. After collection, the PS team then was able to factor for previously unknown databases, VMs and applications, and built out migration wave plans using ATAvision outputs.

The Deloitte ATAmotion Migration Module was utilized by the PS team to seamlessly migrate all in scope VM’s, applications and databases, directly to the client’s designated AWS VPC environment.



At the end of the Deloitte ATAvision 30 day discovery collection, the PS team received detailed, data-informed reporting that blueprinted their entire current state environment, including:

  • Line-of-sight for both in scope , and out of scope infrastructure

  • Application dependencies & affinity mapping

  • On-prem utilization data    

  • Security group creation

  • Migration wave planning enablement

At the end of Deloitte ATAmotion migration usage:

  • 100% of scoped workloads migrated (90%+ on first attempt)

  • VM migration completed ahead of schedule

  • Multiple Linux and Windows OS types migrated

  • Primary and dependent applications, databases and all tiers delivered without business outage.


  • Agentless and lightweight deployment of Deloitte ATADATA modules allows for rapid, effective, secure solution delivery, enabling PS team initiatives.
  • Detailed Deloitte ATAvision reporting enabled fact-driven migration wave planning allowing for AWS specific features such as VPC, and Security Group creation.
  • With a data-informed migration plan in place, the PS team was able to execute migrations with Deloitte ATAmotion ahead of schedule.
  • Migration was 100% successful: no unscheduled downtime, or business disruption, across very complex multi-tiered critical business applications.
  • The PS team was handed a migrated environment in AWS rapidly, and with zero defect, for their AWS optimization and architecture enhancement plan.