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On January 12, 2018, Deloitte Consulting LLP acquired ATADATA’s business, and ATADATA’s personnel transitioned to Deloitte Consulting LLP as part of the transaction. Read the press announcement.


Global Advertising & Marketing Company Obtains Comprehensive Infrastructure Blueprint To Prevent Client Outages During Migration

Global advertising and marketing communications holding company obtains a “single view of the truth” – a comprehensive IT blueprint with custom reporting and migration wave plan, delivered in weeks not months.

An international corporate advertising holding company headquartered in the United States, sought to optimize its IT infrastructure and reduce operating costs. With multiple subsidiaries operating throughout the globe, it was imperative that this strategic IT transformation initiative cause absolutely zero business disruptions to its global clients.


An early assessment identified several subsidiary units that lacked documentation and application architecture knowledge due to turnover and application age. Significant business risk was seen in performing a migration with gaps in knowledge of the infrastructure’s current state details and degree of application affinities and interdependencies. Executing a low-impact migration within a reasonable amount of time and with little to no business disruption to its clients seemed very doubtful.

The customer requested a solution for rapid discovery in IT current state blueprinting and a migration wave planning approach based on application affinities that had zero-impact migrations.


Deloitte ATADATA was selected for the discovery phase because of its expertise and forward-looking technology, Deloitte ATAvision, that delivers IT blueprinting and application dependency mapping, affinity details and migration wave planning all through an agentless lightweight deployment.

Deloitte ATAvision automates discovery across the entire enterprise, including all physical, virtual, and cloud environments and its agentless discovery platform collects and maps all server affinities and dependencies.

With a “true view” of the current state architecture and all application dependencies, Deloitte ATADATA would deliver an IT blueprint of the holding company’s current state server infrastructure, application dependency and affinity mapping. It also would provide detailed reporting for application stack interdependency details within a shortened timeframe.

Using the Deloitte ATAvision product module, knowledge gaps about the IT current state would be quickly eliminated, reducing the risk of migrating with undocumented applications and interdependencies both internally and externally.

In two separate business units a parallel engagement was executed in a compressed timeframe. Consultants deployed the Deloitte ATAvision console inside the client firewall and performed an agentless, non-obtrusive discovery with no port scanning, packet interrogation, or high network use. Hundreds of hosts per business unit were blueprinted and detailed reporting outputs derived in days not weeks.


Deloitte ATADATA delivered detailed IT blueprints of current state to allow target state architecture validation, and then wave planning based on application real-world stack discovered and now documented. The outputs provided the basis for a client migration wave plan with risks mitigated.

IT current state server view blueprint:

  • Server hardware and operating system details, including WMI details, storage, and internal firewall settings
  • Complete installed software inventory by server indicating product, version, and publisher
  • Server port connection details for all server-to-server connections
  • Server performance for full collection period, CPU and memory utilization graphs over time

Application dependency mapping, affinity identification, and port connection detailed reporting:

  • Unique application dependency graphical maps for every application, showing all interdependent servers in the application stack
  • Detailed matrix of every unique server-to-server from/to port connection with hosts, IP addresses, port used, protocol, program driving the connection, and count of connection during collection period
  • Analysis of port connections and dependency details into Affinity bands (high, moderate, low, independent) to perform Weave planning analysis based on affinity ranking and details of Interdependencies.

Migration wave planning:

  • Solution architects built actionable wave plan based on business rules and interdependency analysis
  • Move groups were defined based on criticality and server dependencies
  • Wave planning was an essential element for successful migration to cloud infrastructure


The global company realized “improved speed to value” in obtaining full IT blueprint, server hardware and software inventory, and full enterprise view of application dependencies, affinities, and migration wave plan. This was realized in a short period –weeks, not months– without the risk of manual discovery errors and omissions or extended project engagement which result in higher project costs.

Ultimately, the customer was able to move up its program timetable and executed the workload migration phase ahead of schedule.