Global Food Services

On January 12, 2018, Deloitte Consulting LLP acquired ATADATA’s business, and ATADATA’s personnel transitioned to Deloitte Consulting LLP as part of the transaction. Read the press announcement.


A global food services and hospitality company, operates many of the world’s largest venues like Wembley Stadium, and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Their team, after having an initial set back with a manual discovery services engagement, used Deloitte ATAvision™ to successfully and quickly discover two data centers comprised of 200 virtual servers, plus an additional 30-40 servers outside the scope (including a PCI-Compliant environment) in just 3 weeks. Native reporting capability, within the Deloitte ATAvision console, presented the hard data AWS Pro Serv needed to develop effective migration wave plans. This allowed the company to get back on schedule and complete their onboarding to Amazon Web Services.



Acting on a mandate from the CIO, the company needed to migrate a 200 virtual server environment from two on-prem data centers to AWS. The original manual discovery (without Deloitte ATAvision) took 3-4 months to complete at high cost, and resulted in unusable data for migration wave planning. Pressure to discover their current state environment grew as leadership was anxious to move forward with the transformation.

Reporting from the manual discovery provided no detail on server interdependencies, port level affinities, application details or out-of-scope server dependencies. The inability to proceed with wave planning to migrate to AWS set back the project timeline placing even greater urgency to get back on schedule.



Through an existing relationship with an AWS consulting partner, Deloitte ATADATA was introduced as a technology partner to deliver the automated discovery module, Deloitte ATAvision.

The Deloitte ATAvision Discovery Module was installed within the client environment, and once the credentials were received, the discovery module ran for 3 weeks.



Subnet discovery was performed to identify the live system devices, IP addresses, OS types, and host names on the provided network subnets to define the scope of the credentialed collection.

At the end of the credentialed collection, the customer received detailed, data-informed reporting that blueprinted their entire current state environment:

  • Line-of-Sight Into Out of Scope Machines
  • Device Connectivity at Port Level
  • CPU and RAM Performance
  • Application Dependencies & Affinity Mapping
  • Inbound /Outbound Connections for AWS Security Group Creation


  • Speed of the discovery got the customer back on their onboarding schedule
  • Lightweight deployment of Deloitte ATAvision allowed for rapid execution because there were no agent or sw installations, no server reboots, and no SNMP enablement in the source environment
  • Detailed reporting allowed them to identify which devices were connected to one another and on what port so they could create the necessary security groups to migrate to AWS
  • Enabled AWS Professional Services to build wave plans using the output from Deloitte ATAvision’ s native reporting capability
  • No downtime or business disruption because the discovery happened while the source environment was online
  • Cost and time savings from not having to delay migration plans