Automated Live Server Migrations to the Google Cloud Platform From Any Physical, Virtual or Cloud Source.

Our rapid, single-stage migration of live workloads is accomplished through Deloitte ATAmotion. It not only automates the migration of workloads over the wire, but also auto-provisions multi-tiered live workloads directly into the Google Cloud Platform environment.

The agentless architecture is managed through our console which installs entirely behind client firewalls, or via a hosted/SaaS deployment - depending on client requirements.


Deloitte ATAmotion Capabilities for Google Cloud Platform:

  • Automatically provision a server instance within GCP
  • Convert paravirtual vm's to HVM

Deloitte ATAvision Capabilities for Google Cloud Platform:

  • Visibility across all on-premises physical & virtual infrastructures & alternative clouds
  • Complete GCP environment visibility
  • Right size recommendations for GCP instance provisioning
  • Projected GCP costs for current state & recommended infrastructure
  • Compare costs against other vendors