Total Automation of LiveAIX Migrations Between Data Centers

ATADATA accelerates AIX migrations between data centers by completely automating AIX cloning and LPAR provisioning with its ATAmotion Migration Module.

The agentless architecture is managed through the ATADATA Console which installs entirely behind client firewalls, or via a hosted/SaaS deployment - depending on client requirements.

ATAmotion for AIX is included in the IBM Global Solutions Directory and is validated by them.  Click here to learn more.


ATAmotion Capabilities for AIX:

  • LPAR migrations to another frame/data center
  • LPAR resizing during migration
  • Physical to virtual LPAR live conversions
  • Hostname and network setting reconfiguration during migration
  • Support disparate storage types at source and target
  • WPAR micro-partition migration support
  • Integration for clone & sync for multiple storage architectures:

ATAvision Capabilities for AIX:

  • Visibility across all on-premises full system partitions, including LPARs & WPARs infrastructures

  • Complete Frame environment visibility

  • Right size recommendations for LPAR, & WPAR provisioning

  • Determine system capabilities and possible future growth