ATADATA was developed from the ground up by experienced enterprise solution architects to handle the rapidly increasing volume, diversity and complexity of data and applications necessary for the future of business.


Charles Wright

founder, ceo, cto

Charles Wright invested more than twelve years of his career at IBM's Migration Factory before starting ATADATA. During his time with IBM, Charles lead and completed large scale transformation projects for enterprise clients, which ultimately lead him to recognizing crucial gaps in transformation automation. With this identification of industry needs, coupled with his ingenuity, Charles created the ATAsphere platform, which is rapidly being adopted by the stalwarts of the technology industry today.


Ian Easton

chief commercial officer

Mr. Easton is an experienced entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple successful ventures focused on enterprise IT and transformation solutions, with two exits to publicly traded companies. At ATADATA, he also serves in a vital business leadership capacity. He brings a wealth of experience in marketing, branding, commercial strategy, and business development, coupled with expertise in sales to ensure growth and revenue goals are achieved.


Ian Masters

svp global sales

Mr. Masters brings a wealth of experience to the ATADATA team having spent more than 20+ years in the software replication market with a depth of knowledge in HA, DR and migration. Previously, at Vision Solutions, he was responsible for all pay-as-you-go licensing world-wide for DRaaS, and worked closely with SI's and Cloud providers for migration, as well as managing global Alliances with the likes of MSFT.


BJ Patel


BJ Patel brings over 15 years of experience to the ATADATA leadership team. He’s spent his career working with both large enterprises like Seagate and Google, and with startups that were acquired in their respective spaces.  While at Google, BJ worked with engineering teams to help design, build, and scale Google’s massive global datacenter fleet.  In his startup roles, BJ was tasked with designing, building, and delivering software solutions that spanned in the ecommerce, health-care technology, and cloud computing industries. At ATADATA, BJ is in charge of all phases of Product Management and is leading a team of engineers to design, build, and support the next generation of enterprise transformation solutions.


Larry Lopez


Larry Lopez brings over 30+ years of experience to the ATADATA leadership team. 8 of those years were dedicated solely on leading large scale migration projects at IBM's Migration Factory.  As a Certified IBM Architect for Fortune 50 customers, spanning the globe, Mr. Lopez spent 6 months building a Migration Factory team in Melbourne, Australia. Tasked by our CTO, Mr. Lopez leveraged his extensive knowledge, providing significant input in designing the logic for the Automated Move Group facility offered in ATAvision. At ATADATA, Mr. Lopez leads the professional services and pre-sales teams.